Using Scratch to create video games


Scratch is a platform that lets you code your own animations, games or interactive stories. 

Step 1:

First start by signing up for Scratch by going to the top right hand corner and selecting “Join Scratch”

Step 2:

Take a look a the following website tutorials to get an idea of what Scratch is: 

Step 3: 

Take a look at existing projects that have already been made. 

Play the game for a bit to see if it works.

Then select “take a look inside” to see the code that makes it work

Step 4: 

Working by yourself or with a partner, start to plan out your very first game

Getting Started


Getting Started with your Arduino: 


  1. Crystal Ball
  2. Knock Lock (A secret knock to unlock your door lock)
  3. Colour Mixing Lamp

Havelock Coding Club: Lego Robotics, Wedo & Scratch!

Lego Wedo

By now you are probably already a little impressed with the power and capabilities offered by Scratch’s online program. However, were you aware that Scratch can enter the physical world as well?

Take a look at the playlist below and use Scratch 2.0 to prorgram the Lego Wedo Kit, as well as the Lego Robotics kits. There is no limit to your imagination with Scratch!

Lego Wedo: The Basics

For those that want to see the basic build instructions you can find them here:

Havelock Coding Clubs: An Hour of Code With Scratch!


The past several years have seen a growing interest in the Hour Of Code movement. This year saw the greatest success to date, with 115 million students writing over 6 billion lines of code!

Now that we have leared the basics of scratch, let’s try the Hour of Code track and see what else we can create.

Hour of Code:

Now let’s write some code! Click here to get started.


Havelock Coding Clubs: Getting Started With Scratch


 So what can you do with Scratch?

The Basics:

Go to the link below and get started:

  • Take a look at the game itself and click the green go flag to try it out.
  • Then click on “See Inside” to look at the code that makes it all work.
  • Your objective is to try and add to the game.
  • You can’t break it so go for it
  • Maybe add a new player to the game that can bounce the ball back… it’s up to you



Inaugural #EastCoastEd chat with @psweeze & @StephTomilson