Installing Pip & Tweepy


Before you start make sure you have the proper tweepy files. You can download them from the OneDrive folder below.

  1. Log into machine
  2. Click On Start button open computer
  3. Double click C: and browse and verify C:\Python27 exists
  4. If folder is there you can close window if not have teacher place helpdesk call.
  5. Steps for first time setup of Python User Configurations need to be run at least once on computer.
  6. Click on start button and type this into the search box Software Center
  7. Click on software center and it should open to the following picture have the student click on the link that says “Find Additional applications from the application catalog” I have highlighted red box around it

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So you want to build a Learning Commons…


Many schools in NB are starting to transform their libraries into new spaces called learning commons.

“Our increasingly networked world presents complexities for learning unknown just a few years ago, but at the same time offers fresh opportunities. Learning in ever-changing environments demands new ways of educating a focus on inquiry, creative and critical thinking, multiple literacies, and working together to meet shared goals and knowledge building. Evolving learning approaches and definitions of learning success are the new realities, with the consequent need for creating innovative learning environments.”

This document walks through everything you need to know about establishing and creating your own learning commons in New Brunswick or Canada.