Installing Pip & Tweepy


Before you start make sure you have the proper tweepy files. You can download them from the OneDrive folder below.

  1. Log into machine
  2. Click On Start button open computer
  3. Double click C: and browse and verify C:\Python27 exists
  4. If folder is there you can close window if not have teacher place helpdesk call.
  5. Steps for first time setup of Python User Configurations need to be run at least once on computer.
  6. Click on start button and type this into the search box Software Center
  7. Click on software center and it should open to the following picture have the student click on the link that says “Find Additional applications from the application catalog” I have highlighted red box around it


8) This will probably ask for username and password have them enter their everyday nbss username and password



  1. By default any Applications that have been made available to the students login will appear in the catalog. For now they might only see one but eventually they may have a lot of applications in here. Have them look for the Python2.7.8UserConfig Application click on it so it is highlighted in blue and then have them click the install button on the bottom right side of the screen. Once you click install you should see a screen similar as belowinstallingpip3
  2. Have the user click yes to download/restart prompt. They may see the computer do a few things after this but if they leave the website open when the software is installed they should get the following screen
  1. At this point the user can click on back to the application catalog and close the internet explorer
  2. They computer should ready for the user to configure Python 2.7.8 pip to work behind the schools firewall.
  3. Have the user open command line and browse to the C:\Python27\scripts folder
  4. The need to use Easy-Install to add pip 1.2.1 they can do this by executing the following command

    easy_install pip==1.2.1

  5. At this point the students should be ready to install python packages behind the firewall you can test by installing tweepy
  6. Pip install tweepy (If everything went well then the student should see no errors)

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