Live Stream Morning Announcements


This video walks through the basics of setting up a live streaming solution for morning announcements at your school. This is a great solution for a school that has limited wireless capacity, and wants an easy system that is managed by the Education Department itself. This is easily the most secure method to producing and sharing video morning announcements.

What you’ll need:

  1. Microsoft Expression Encoder
  2. Desktop computer:
    1. Hard line to internet
    2. Decent processor
  3. Video / Microphone combination
    1. IPEVO Camera, Blue Snowball Camera, Microsoft Lifecam
  4. Get your technician to set the desktop computer to have a static IP address
  5. Send static IP address to ICT staff in Fredericton and get them to create a URL to broadcast on
  6. Create shortcuts for each of the teachers computers to gain easier access to the URL broadcasting the announcements
  7. Setup Encoder and do trial run with administrator
  8. Click start!

Download Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 here:

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