Puppet Pals: An app for any classroom (2-5)


puppet pals


Project Ideas

  • Language Arts:
    • Writing dialogue
    • demonstrate elements of a story
    • intro, conflict, climax, conclusion
    • have students retell a chapter they read together
    • recreate a story in a different setting, create a news story
    • interview an eyewitness character
  • French:
    • Targeted verb tense, dialogue, etc…
  • Intensive French:
    • My family, sports, weather, animals, etc…
  • Science:
    • Have characters explain a scientific principal.
  • Math:
    • Have characters explain the steps to solving a problem.
    • Have them explain their thinking for a mental math question to another character.
  • Misc:
    • Have characters discuss / debate an issue.
    • Help reluctant/shy students present to class.
    • Short instructional videos on any subject.
    • Create a reinforcer for 7 Habits.
    • Can save to Camera Roll.

Useful Websites

Tips for using with students – http://www.techchef4u.com/ipad/hot-apps-for-hots-puppet-pals/
More Tips for using Puppet Pals – http://www.ipadeducators.com/#%21top-10-tips-for-using-puppetpa/csby

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