WordPress: How to login create a post and manage your menu with categories



This video walks through the basics of managing your WordPress site. Below I have itemized the steps of this video. This list will serve as a basic WordPress management guide:

  1. Head to site and go to login page
    • ex. http://philipsweezey.com/wp-admin
  2. Click the + New button at the top of the page and then select Post
  3. Give your post a title and fill in the content
  4. Click Add Media if you wish to add any pictures or upload any files
  5. To add a youtube video complete each step as follows

    • Go to youtube to find the video you want
    • Underneath the video there will be a Share button (click on it)
    • Copy the link that appears. It should resemble this – http://youtu.be/twq2P58eB80
    • Paste this link directly into the post. It should automatically format for you so it can be watched right on your site
  6. Now add your categories
    • Go to the right hand side of your site and select the category from the list
    • Click +Add New Category if you want to include a new one
    • Fill in the category and hit enter
  7. Once you have completed your post click Publish to submit it to your site
  8. If you need to manage your menu so it displays properly follow these instructions
  9. Managing the Menu
    • Head to the top of your page and drag your cursor over the Title of your site. You should see a drop down that shows up. In this drop down you should see Menus (click on it)
    • If this does not appear go to your Dashboard
      • Scroll down the left side of the Dashboard
      • Hover over Appearance and then click Menus
    • Once here scroll down the page until you see Categories
      • Click on View All
      • Then find the category you wish to include
      • Check the box beside it then click Add to Menu
      • Now scroll to the bottom of the page and find the new menu item you just added (it will always go to the bottom)
      • Grab the new item you just created and drag it to the appropriate location.
      • Remember, when you indent the object left or right, it changes it place on the menu. This is how you create sub items in your menu
      • Remember, Remember, Remember to click Save Menu when you are done
  10. That’s it! You’re done! Now on to the next post…

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